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Apartments PJagodic are located on Šenturška Gora, which lies between Tunjiška gričevje and Krvavec, and due to their location, they are the perfect accommodation during your vacation in all seasons.

Below we have prepared some suggestions for you, where to go on a trip and create unforgettable memories.

10 min drive


7 km (10 min drive) to the Krvavec ski resort, which is the second largest ski resort in Slovenia. With its unique views of the near and far surroundings, it calls out for a visit. Just a 10-minute drive from the PJagodic apartment house, there is a cabin gondola that will take you all the way to the top of the ski resort. “Jože, we are ready, go!”

15 min drive

Brnik Airport

11 km (15 min drive) to Jože Pučnik Brnik Ljubljana Airport, which is Slovenia’s largest international airport. Extremely well-organized public transport to nearby cities, car rental and many options for taxi and minibus transport make your vacation even more carefree.

30 min drive


30 km (30 min drive) to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is a lively green city that offers a lot of interesting corners that are simply worth visiting. Take a walk along the Dragon Bridge and take a picture with the mighty dragon, visit the fairytale Ljubljana Castle, socialize at the famous main market, perhaps visit the National Gallery, and finally take a tour boat along the Ljubljanica.

30 min drive

Velika Planina

30 Kilometers (35 Minutes drive) to Velika Planina Alpine Pasture, the largest and most beautiful shepherds’ settlement not only in Slovenia but in the whole of Europe. With its semicircular wooden cottages, Herdmen’s huts, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, Velika Planina is also one of the most unique pastures you will find. Take a pleasant walk through the meadows, conifers and pastures, and see amazing natural and ethnological curiosities, go hiking in the hills, take a break at the chapel of Snow Mary, descend to the famous Vetrnica cave, visit Preskar Museum and much more.

40 min drive


40 Kilometers (40 Minutes drive) to Bled, one of the oldest and most beautiful touristic towns in Slovenia. You can visit Lake Bled and take a trip in the traditional Pletna boat that will take you across the lake to the lake island with its glorious Gothic church and the famous wishing bell. We recommend you also take a pleasant walk to the amazing Vintgar gorge, the first touristically arranged gorge in Slovenia, and experience the most intact nature of Bled. Steep depths, vertical walls, rapid river beneath, the largest waterfall in Slovenia – the nature here will leave you awestruck.

60 min drive

Kranjska Gora

70 Kilometers (60 Minutes drive) to Kranjska Gora, a town that is known to be the heart beneath the Julian Alps. It is one of the most popular recreational and tourist centers in Slovenia. Take a tour to Nortic Centre Planica with seven new ski jumping hills, visit 52m high Pericnik Watterfall and stunning Martuljek Waterfalls, stop for a short break at the Jasna Lake and visit Triple Border (Tromeja), which is a 1.508m high peak, located at the triple border between Slovenia, Austria and Italy. And if you love the world of fairytales, you can as well travel along the trails of seven Triglav fairytales and give you and your family a unique experience.

70 min drive


70 Kilometers (70 Minutes drive) to Klagenfurt, the capital of one of the nine Austrian provinces – Carinthia. The inspirational city invites you to stroll, enjoy and be amazed by its arcaded walkways, winding passages, idyllic courtyards, lovely cafes, pleasant restaurants, beautiful beer gardens, trendy boutiques and stunning galleries. Here you can enjoy the lake life and visit famous touristic Lake Wörthersee that is interwoven with many legends and stories, or take a walk down the Neuer Platz where you will find Klagenfurt’s landmark – the Lindwurm Fountain, and a statue of a man who slayed the legendary beast. One more interesting place that is simply a must when visiting Klagenfurt is Minimundus, a miniature park with world’s most famous attractions in a reduced form. Amazing!

60 min drive

Postojenska jama caves

80 Kilometers (60 Minutes drive) to Postojna Cave, one of the most captivating caves in the whole world and the largest show cave in Europe which makes her the queen of the underground world. Go on a tour with Postojna Cave’s underground cave and experience 24-kilometre-long cave system that will leave you speechless. From the magical depths of the cave you can make your way to the fairytale world of knights – to the Predjama Castle, one of the biggest attractions of Postojna Cave and one of the ten most fascinating castles in the world. Postojna Cave really is the proof that wonderland still exists.

90 min drive


130 Kilometers (90 Minutes drive) to Koper/Capodistria, one of the oldest Slovenian towns and a very important port with a pretty medieval old town. You can walk down the Presern Square (also Muda Square) and see the biggest city fountain – Da Ponte Fountain, make your way to the Tito Square, one of the most beautiful central squares from Dubrovnik to Venice where you will be able to visit amazing Praetorian Palace. Slovenia has only 47 Kilometers of coastline on the Adriatic Sea which means you will be able to visit also other popular seaside towns in no time.

120 min drive


174 Kilometers (120 Minutes drive) to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, that represents the perfect choice for a one-day getaway across the Slovenian southern border. The best way to explore Zagreb in for sure by foot. The city is full of historic landmarks, interesting sights, museums, hotels and the best restaurants in the country. Visit a Zagreb landmark, the glamorous Zagreb Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and take a walk to the Zagreb Icon – Saint Mark’s Church with its uniquely colorful tiled roof. If you are looking for some romance, then you should take a walk down the Zrinjevec Park, one of the most romantic places in Zagreb, and if you are looking to do some shopping, then 6 Kilometers long Ilica Street will be perfect for you.

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